BEEAs Rules

  1. The Awards are open to any business whose UK-based design engineering function has displayed measurable innovation in terms of product development within the stated judging period.
  2. Projects may be entered into more than one category but separate submissions must be made as category-judging criteria may vary.
  3. Judges reserve the right to change the category of entry if they deem it more relevant to the entry submitted.
  4. Sponsors may not enter the category that they are sponsoring.
  5. All entries have to complete the entry template provided.
  6. Any access passwords or details required as part of entry judging must be clearly supplied in time for the close of call for entries.
  7. Supporting material and/or the entered product can be provided as part of the entry, though this is not automatically returned.
  8. MA Business holds no responsibility for any loss or damage to any entry or supporting material for that entry.
  9. All entries must include detailed investment information and measurements of performance. We appreciate that this information can be sensitive and all business sensitive information will be treated as such under NDA where appropriate.
  10. The Judges’ decision is FINAL. No discussions on recounts or requests for justification will be entered into.