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Design Engineer of the Year

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Amir Hessari – In Veeta

In Veeta is a project that aims to develop the first UK smart vertical garden for domestic use. This will allow people living in urban cities to grow their own herbs and vegetables to supplement their own sustainable diets.

Amir is the head of Design of this project and has been instrumental for the product development of In Veeta.

Dmitri Licichin – The Technology Research Centre

Dmitri is a detail orientated and proficient designer with high level skills in 3D printing, HTML, Adobe Photoshop, 3D Max Studio and SolidWorks. He holds both a Masters and Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design from the Technical University of Moldova and has 6 years of experience in a range of design roles including as an Industrial Designer for Alpha Industries and as a Freelancer. In 2016 and 2018 Dmitri won both the PRO INVENT and EURO INVENT awards proving his creativity and innovation.

Gemma Singer – Mom Incubators

Gemma was instrumental in the rapid development and industrialisation of the mOm Essential Incubator which is designed, developed and manufactured in Britain.

The mOm Essential Incubator is a neonatal incubator that is cost effective, compact, and easy to maintain. It provides a life-saving solution in challenging, low/middle income countries, and a more flexible option for neonatal care in the UK and the developed world.

This innovative accessible incubator saw its first ever clinical use in a UK hospital in November 2021, when it helped to sustain a premature baby at St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey.

At the same time, Gemma maintained her commitments as a STEM Ambassador, engaging with nearly 700 school children and university students, in 15 different academic settings. Stating that “I want to show the next generation the massive impact they can have through engineering and a problem solving mindset. Most importantly I want to give them the confidence to try it out for themselves!”

Gemma is described as “a spirited force for good in the engineering profession, and is destined to positively impact the lives of many users, patients and families, and fellow engineers”.

James Henson – Musk Process Services

James Henson is the Head of Design at Musk Process Services, leading a team specialising in Engineering Compliance.

Starting his career as a CAD technician before taking on an apprenticeship, James gained experience in a range of asset care engineering roles, before focusing on design and spearheading the creation of a specialised compliance-based design department.

He leads a multi-skilled department of mechanical, electrical and software engineers, helping to develop their compliance expertise, to deliver solutions to Musk's clients to keep their equipment in line with British legal safety standards, and ensure the safety of all of their employees.

James is an innovative engineer, continuously looking for ways to improve the level of service his team offers, and looking at how to integrate new technology solutions into Musk's compliance offering, such as the app he is currently developing with the aim of clarifying the compliance journey for his clients, and making it easier for them to maintain compliant status.

An enthusiastic advocate for engineering and especially for apprenticeships, James is closely involved with the development of Musk's apprenticeship and graduate programmes, as well as working with Anglia Ruskin University to support the studies of the next generation of engineers. He is a proponent of skills development at all career levels and ages, and lead's Musk's engineering chartership programme in conjunction with the IET.

Joshua William Lynch – Arcadis

Josh Lynch is a chartered civil and structural engineer delivering solutions for some of the UK's largest infrastructure projects. He is currently working with Arcadis and One Team Wessex to deliver Network Rail's Wessex CP6 Framework on projects covering station, overbridge and rail line enhancements, replacements and emergency works across the south of the UK. Other experience includes civil and structural design for High Speed 2 (HS2) tunnels, Crossrail 2 (CR2) stations, the Northern Line Extension to Battersea (Nine Elms Station), Lee Tunnel infrastructure (refurbishment of Joseph Bazalgette's 1860s Abbey Mills Pumping Station A) and Thames Tideway.

Josh is an advocate for both the ICE and IStructE to his colleagues and aspiring engineers. He is proactive in delivering technical knowledge shares to his team to promote structural excellence through design, especially utilising virtual learning throughout 2020 following the uncertainty of lockdowns and remote working arrangements.

Josh has promoted a culture of Health and Safety on Wessex CP6, and his commitment to H&S has been commended during previous framework end of year reviews. He is also an advocate for Arcadis’ sustainability culture by challenging designs to reduce embodied carbon, preparing capital carbon reduction assessment and sharing a weekly sustainability newsletter with the team. Josh’s interest in digital automation is also helping the team develop parametric analysis and modelling tools to improve project efficiencies.

In June 2019, Josh helped construct a suspended footbridge in rural Rwanda with NGO Bridges to Prosperity. The bridge now provides a community of 2,700 people with safe access to healthcare, education and markets, and he has presented to the industry on the novel deck launch method developed for the build which sought to improve both quality and safety when working in remote environments.

Steven Richardson – Ignys

Steven Richardson is a hands-on, practical engineer that enjoys mentoring his team-mates. He is always striving for accurate and professional delivery.

He is renowned amongst the Ignys team for getting complex projects working quickly, often first time, a tricky feat within prototype development.

Steven is an efficient engineer who sticks to his promises and believes in great time management.

He believes in collaborative thinking, creating a common goal with the customer, based on high level thinking. He develops objectives with the customer which lead to mutual wins.

Steven is part of Ignys, a creative team of problem-solving engineers who bring great ideas to life, through electronics design and software development solutions. Steven took a huge leap by being the first employee to join Ignys believing in the vision of what the Ignys would become.

Steven's passion for electronics doesn't occur within work hours only. He has a strong personal interest in electronics projects, 3D printing and Raspberry Pi outside of work.

Steven has been a key force in mentoring new engineers, imparting as much of his experience as possible.

He worked alongside a client, who are set on developing smart solutions to the current energy and emissions problems. They came to us for a proof-of-concept technological demonstrator. The project was planned to be modular, which helps break down the design phases. He delivered a proven design which worked first time for both the plug-in board and the evaluation board giving the customer a tool which they could develop with.

Electronics design makes up a large proportion of the quality projects we deliver, and Steven plays a big part in this quality aspect. He helped quickly evolve the developed quality standard and frequently adopts best practices into our quality reviews. It's what he loves to do.