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Electronic Product of the Year

FLS110 – Flusso

The FLS110 is a complete digital flow sensing solution that seamlessly integrates hardware and software with mechanical and fluidic components. Flexible and fully customisable, allowing customers to strike the ideal balance between system performance and costs. Easy to implement and scale, for fast time to market.

The FLS110 enables flow sensing in products that could only dream about it!

HD-PLC LSI – Socionext Europe

Socionext’s HD-PLC™ LSI (SC1320A), is the world’s 1st LSI embedded with the 4th generation of HD-PLC core, creating more freedom for innovative, secure information and data transfer in urban areas, home and factory environments. It has a smaller package size, lower power consumption and better performance characteristics than other currently available HD-PLC solutions and is a perfect fit for today’s smart Society. It can also include the control and screening of devices and appliances such as smart grid or smart metering, with a focus on building up a complete eco-system. A key solution for any Smart Connected System or Device.

LED NUMBER PLATE LAMP – Amber Valley Developments LLP

The new LED Number Plate is a new addition to Amber Valley Developments extensive LED lighting range.

Proven to surpass anything else on the market, it is designed and manufactured in the UK by a team of experts in Leicestershire.

Radio Wave Sensor - Socionext Europe

Socionext’s series of single-chip, highly integrated, 24GHz Radio-wave Sensors with ultra-low power consumption come in a compact format whilst offering high performance. Incorporating signal processing functions into the devices reduces the number of external components making it easier to use without any special signal processing knowledge. BOM is reduced by the ‘All-in-one package’.

These sensor devices represent the type of smart devices required to advance towards the super smart society of “Society 5.0” that balances economic advancement with the resolution of social problems by a system that highly integrates cyberspace and physical space