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Engineering Ambassador of the Year

Larissa Suzuki – Google

EUR ING Professor Dr Larissa Suzuki is an award-winning passionate computer scientist, engineer, author, entrepreneur, board member, philanthropist, and inventor.

She current works at Google as Head of Data and AI for Google Cloud. She also works alongside Vint Cerf on the Interplanetary Internet Project at Nasa JPL & IPNSIG, and on Sustainable AI through Federated Computations.

Her continuing academic work is at UCL, Harvard University, University of Quebec and Oxford University.

She has received numerous awards, grants and recognitions from the Royal Academy of Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, McLaren Racing, Intel, Google, Academy for Computing Machinery, the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation, Microsoft Research, EPSRC, amongst many others for her contributions to industry and international science.

She has published several research papers in academic journals, books and conferences, am a frequent Keynote – including a TedX, conference and panel speaker. She has written articles for Huffington Post, Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, Computer Weekly, Heidelberg Laureate Forum (Laureates of Computer Science and Mathematics), the Mayor of London, amongst others.

Currently she serves in the D&I Board of the Royal Academy of Enginering, the Search and Nominations Committee of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, the AI Committee of the Grace Hopper Conference, and Ambassador Council Member of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering. She is also on the Advisory Board of Workfinder and STEMazing.

London Power Tunnels 2 (National Grid Plc) - National Grid

More than 100,000 pupils in South London will benefit from National Grid's pioneering STEM skills and careers outreach programme, which is helping to create a pipeline of talent for the hundreds of thousands of jobs needed to be filled across the engineering and energy industry to meet Net Zero by 2050. The MyKindaFuture programme involves National Grid employees volunteering their time to encourage young people to seriously consider STEM as a career choice. From interactive workshops, to digital mentoring sessions, to virtual work experiences, we're rolling out a range of initiatives and have already worked with over 19,000 young people since the programme's launch in October 2020, despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Roni Savage - Jomas Associates

Roni Savage is disrupting the engineering and construction space and says she is putting herself forward as an ambassador to empower and inspire others who look like her.

SMR Automotive Mirrors UK

SMR has been working for a number of years with various different schools, university and training providers to bring help promote different engineering opportunities within this industry and also different ways to get into Engineering. It works with training providers who promote apprenticeships and offer engineering apprenticeships within SMR. These are permanent roles so the apprentice will have a full time job upon completion of their apprenticeship, which is usually 4 years. As well as taking on apprenticeships through the tradition route it is also upskilling our current employees to ensure it is developing its own talent. These apprenticeships are designed to give a broad range of hands-on experience during which the apprentice will have the opportunity to work in close proximity with SMR’s product while completing their BTEC in Engineering. These are currently offered in oits Toolroom, Laboratory, Maintenance, Continuous Improvement, R&D, Quality and Design team.