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CeramycGuard - Haydale Graphene Industries

CeramycGuard™ is a ceramic surface treatment (CST), which uses Haydale’s propriety silicon carbide microfibre, along with alumina and zirconia silicates to renew and preserve concrete surfaces and eliminates all the problems there are with conventional surface treatments.

CeramycGuard™ is a high-performance product that dramatically increases the life expectancy of concrete assets. It can be used in many markets where there is a need for concrete protection. This includes bridges, cast concrete products, cinderblock walls, commercial and industrial floors, concrete roadways, runways, pathways, dams, food storage and processing, greenhouses (walls and floors), loading docks, parking garages (deck and walls), retaining and sound barrier walls, seawalls, wharfs and quays, storm drains, tunnels, wastewater treatment and clean water treatment.


This is inov-8's ROCFLY G 390, the world’s first-ever hiking boot with a Graphene-enhanced foam, which will “supercharge feet.”

We moved quickly to meet the needs of the growing trends in long-distance hiking, multi-day trail walking and thru-hiking, with a lightweight, breathable boot that delivers endless cushioning and bounce.

Discovered in 2004 by scientists from The University of Manchester who later won the Nobel Prize in Physics, Graphene is the strongest – yet also the thinnest – material in the world.

By infusing it into our G-FLY foam, we deliver a revolutionary underfoot experience that allows hikers to feel fresher for longer.

Amongst its many testers was inov-8 ambassador James Forrest, who used the ROCFLY G 390 boots to set a new record time for a solo and self-supported hike of Great Britain’s National Three Peaks.

The 37-year-old scaled the highest mountains in Scotland (Ben Nevis), England (Scafell Pike) and Wales (Snowdon) – plus all the miles in between them – on a 500-mile adventure that took him just 16 days, 15 hours and 39 minutes.

James, who holds multiple other long-distance hiking records, said: “The foam is amazingly springy and cushioned, almost propelling you forward with good rebound and energy return. The rubber is ultra grippy and the upper gives out-of-the-box comfort. Being non-waterproof, they dry really quickly and breathe well too – my preferred approach.”

PATit - Haydale Graphene Industries

PATit is an innovative anti-counterfeiting technology developed by Haydale. It aims to deliver enhanced brand protection to its users by offering a cost-effective solution based on surface engineered graphene.